Infographic: Latinos are winning in social media

By the time you read this post, I will be in Chicago at the annual Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) national conference. I had been looking for a relevant professional development opportunity for several months and when I found out LATISM’11 was being held in Chicago, a relatively close traveling distance for me in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I immediately registered my attendance. In honor of the LATISM’11 conference, I have designed an infographic inspired by the popular Mexican game Lotería. The infographic features information about how Latinos continue to “win” with their presence in social media. Please feel free to download the infographic and post it proudly in your place of business, office space, or on your computer or mobile device screen.

 The game Lotería has been a popular pastime in Mexico for generations. Similar to Bingo in the U.S., Lotería is a game of chance that uses images of characters and objects instead of numbers. Many of these images have become iconic and are often parodied and referenced in contemporary Mexican art and culture. Like the game Lotería and its characters and objects that have become well known, Latinos in social media have also become iconic and popular in recent times. It is only fitting to dedicate this pastime to the many Latinos who continue to dominate the world of social media as well as the organizers and attendees of LATISM’11.

For those of you attending the LATISM’11 conference in Chicago, I look forward to meeting you this week. I have enjoyed following LATISM for several months and feel grateful that such an organization exists as a community for Latinos to come together and pool their resources and talents. Like you, I hope to network with other professionals, participate in many of the conference’s offerings, and learn from other like-minded individuals. Some of you I have already met through the world of social media and I look forward meeting you in the flesh.

Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I plan to update throughout the LATISM’11 conference from November 9 through 11. Also, please remember to return and visit Latino Branding Power in the upcoming weeks to view a new blog post with my thoughts and reflections about LATISM’11.

Download the infographic today and show your support for all Latinos in Social Media!

Download full-size image (1600 x 2560)

About Latinos in Social Media and the LATISM conference:
Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), the largest organization for Latino and Latina professionals engaged in social media, is a 501(c) 4 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community. LATISM also serves corporate brands, NGOs and government entities, with a broad range of services including research, event sponsorships, and leadership training. A pioneering social media organization, LATISM has been hailed as the most influential online movement in the new multicultural Web. The LATISM Annual National Conference is the organization’s fully bilingual event of the year. This year, LATISM has chosen the City of Chicago, a city pulsing with Latino flavor, representing almost a third of the city’s population. The national event – to be held at the beautiful Navy Pier, one of the city’s world class landmarks – will consolidate LATISM’s mission and audience of health providers, government officials, educators, community and thought leaders with three tracks focusing on empowering Latinos.


  1. Gil

    Its feel great to see the latino economic progress.

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