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I am happy to have been selected as a guest speaker at this year’s LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) Conference in Houston. Last year, I had the pleasure of attending the national traveling conference when it came close to my neck of the woods at Chicago’s Navy Pier. I found the experience both educational and inspiring (you can read my recap post about the 2011 conference here). In Houston, I will be a panelist for a discussion under the business track entitled “Understanding the New Hispanic Consumer”, a session dedicated understanding the key issues businesses must remember to create effective strategies to reach Latinos. I am looking forward to participating on the panel, rekindling old friendships, and making new connections.

If you’re not familiar with LATISM as an organization and annual conference, here is a brief synopsis:

LATISM is considered one of the largest organizations for Latino(a) professionals engaged in social media. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the social, civic, and economic vitalities of Latino communities throughout the U.S. The Annual LATISM National Conference is the organization’s flagship event. The goal of the conference is to engage its attendees of health providers, business leaders, government officials, educators, and community activists with four tracks (business, technology, health, and education) that focus on empowering Latinos(as).

One of the most amazing antidotes I recall learning at last year’s conference was the story of LATISM’s origin. A few years ago, in an attempt to mobilize like-minded peers, founder and entrepreneur Ana Roca Castro sent a tweet asking, “Are there any Latinos out there?” Using the Twitter hash tag #LATISM, the single question grew into hundreds followers and eventually became the catalyst for the annual conference attended by hundreds and a launch pad for what is now considered a tidal wave of Latino interest in social media. I had the privilege to meet Ana and LATISM co-founder Elianne Ramos in Chicago last year and have been looking forward to this year’s conference since.

Look for my recap about LATISM ‘12 in early November and follow me at @LatinoBrndPwr during the conference (October 25 through 27) for live updates. If you are planning to attend LATISM, I look forward to making your acquaintance in person.

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  1. Sobrino…bien concido.

    But, how do you empower Latinos in Health Information Technology where the health industry is so focused on providing “meaningful use” to receive medicaid payments, that they cannot start other projects where required people resources are needed?

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