Latino Branding Power wins design accolades

I am proud to announce that Latino Branding Power’s infographic “Latinos in the U.S. are…” won a placement in the popular American Graphic Design Awards 2012 competition. The annual contest, presented by the magazine Graphic Design USA, highlights projects from designers, studios, and agencies throughout the nation. Originally created in conjunction with the 2010 Census results, the infographic touts statistics about Hispanic growth in the U.S. It is an honor to be considered among the many talented winners within the creative industry and to help give Hispanic influence a voice among them.

The American Graphic Design Awards is a four-decade-old competition and a flagship annual publication of the magazine Graphic Design USA. Design studios, marketing firms, and advertising agencies from throughout the U.S. are represented in the contest from among thousands of considerations. Winners appear in the annual print publication as well as the online version. Over a dozen categories are represented with creative projects ranging from print collateral to branding solutions to digital design. The “Latinos in the U.S. are…” infographic won a place in the category of self-promotion.

Infographics are effective tools for communicating information in a visually relevant and understandable manner. As people consume more and more data in a media driven world, designers and design-centric communication methods will continue to be called upon to make information memorable and accessible. I designed the infographic “Latinos in the U.S. are…” to help promote the 2010 Census results that were related to Latino population growth and influence. Over the past year, I have been appreciative of the many followers who have found value in the infographic by sharing it with their professional associates and friends alike.

Download the infographic here. Feel free to print it out as a resource for your office or workspace, save it as a screen-saver for your computer or mobile background, or share it with your friends via social media.

To view the submission on the Graphic Design USA awards website, go to:


  1. Mel Antuna

    Thank you for this graphic! You guys have done a wonderful job. 🙂

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