Latino Branding Power wins design accolades

I am proud to announce that Latino Branding Power’s infographic “Latinos in the U.S. are…” won a placement in the popular American Graphic Design Awards 2012 competition. The annual contest, presented by the magazine Graphic Design USA, highlights projects from designers, studios, and agencies throughout the nation. Originally created in conjunction with the 2010 Census results, the infographic touts statistics about Hispanic growth in the U.S. It is an honor to be considered among the many talented winners within the creative industry and to help give Hispanic influence a voice among them.

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Latino communities: Better by design

Since last month, I have been involved in a new initiative that uses human centered design to solve issues within Latino communities. The Keller Futures Center, an innovative program through the Grand Rapids Community College, facilitates project-based initiatives to help solve unmet and emerging needs in West Michigan communities. Previous research determined that resiliency is a key ingredient in the success of Latino youth – specifically within education.  Existing as a community coalition representing education, business, non-profits, philanthropy, parents, and students, the Latino Resiliency Project will innovate for seven weeks on the topic of what drives resiliency in our youth and determine how resiliency has a positive impact on the educational achievement and overall life conditions for Latino youth.

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Hispanic marketing: Better by design

The design work of Luis Fitch, Uno Branding

Having several years experience in design, I am sometimes asked what type of graphics, images, or colors are more appealing to Hispanic audiences. I have found this to be a challenging question. Because Latino audiences are so varied and diverse in their cultures, nationalities, and acculturation, it is difficult to suggest there are specific visual preferences that have widespread Hispanic appeal. Relying too much on traditional images like sombreros, maracas, tacos, or colorful dress, may promote stereotypes and have a negative effect on marketing and promotions. As designers, we believe visual communication needs to deliver value based on subjective and empathetic insights about an audience’s beliefs and attitudes.
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