Hispanic marketing: Better by design

The design work of Luis Fitch, Uno Branding

Having several years experience in design, I am sometimes asked what type of graphics, images, or colors are more appealing to Hispanic audiences. I have found this to be a challenging question. Because Latino audiences are so varied and diverse in their cultures, nationalities, and acculturation, it is difficult to suggest there are specific visual preferences that have widespread Hispanic appeal. Relying too much on traditional images like sombreros, maracas, tacos, or colorful dress, may promote stereotypes and have a negative effect on marketing and promotions. As designers, we believe visual communication needs to deliver value based on subjective and empathetic insights about an audience’s beliefs and attitudes.
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Infographic: Latinos in the U.S. are…

If you, like me, are a fan of infographics, I trust you will appreciate this blog post.In light of the 2010 Census results, I have created a downloadable infographic that highlights several facts about Latinos in the U.S. Find a link to the full size image below.Inforgraphics can be effective visual communication tools to tell stories. The dramatic growth we have experienced in our Hispanic communities over the past decade is a story in itself that deserves to be shared.

Please download and feel free to use this infographic as a screen-saver, desktop background, or print it out as a convenient resource about the power of Latino demographics in our nation.

Download full-size image (2560 x 1600)

Infographic: U.S. Hispanics Go Digital

In case the recent statistics themselves were not convincing enough, you should check out this infographic created by Detour that illustrates several facts about the 30 million Latinos in the U.S. who use the Internet. Sourced with information from the Pew Hispanic Center, Facebook, comScore and eMarketer. Posted on Jan. 17 by News Taco.

Download the full size version here.