Book review of Latino Link by Joe Kutchera

This past spring I had the pleasure of reading the book Latino Link by online Hispanic marketing expert Joe Kutchera. Latino Link explores the online world of connecting brands to Latino consumers and communities. Kutchera himself has extensive knowledge and experience in this arena and his book offers a wealth of valuable marketing strategies, leading case studies, and relevant cultural insights. Latino Link is Kutchera’s fist book and is published by Paramount Market Publishing, a leading book publisher for multi-cultural business interests. Several months ago, after I tweeted that I completed reading Latino Link, Kutchera asked if I could write a review. I have finally been able to put my thoughts into a blog post.

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An interview with Juan Tornoe

At the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet, Latino marketing expert Juan Tornoe sat down with me for a few minutes before giving the keynote presentation that evening. Mr. Tornoe was very generous with taking time out of his busy schedule and answered questions about his involvement with marketing to Latinos, the 2010 Census, challenges and trends in Hispanic marketing, and insights about how Latinos use social media and the Internet. Please check out the video above of the interview.
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Lost in Translation No More

I’ll have to admit, the latest translation tools available on the Internet and mobile devices are looking quite impressive. Within the last year, some notable web and mobile translator apps have come forward with new and innovative features. 

Last year, Google upgraded its Translate web service to include real-time translation while you type. Clicking on sound icons will “speak” the words and phrases via a computerized voice. In December, QuestVisual released Word Lens, an iPhone app that uses the mobile device’s video camera to instantly translate words from one language to another. The Word Lens introductory video kept jaw-dropped viewers in awe for days.

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